Colville's Glory Tree - Colvillea racemosa

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Colville's Glory Tree - Colvillea racemosa; Outrageously beautiful, soft feather leaves similar to Royal poinciana with amazing bright orange flowers grown in cone like clusters! Loved by butterflies and bees!

Colville's Glory Tree - Colvillea racemosa

Colvillea racemosa is a species of legume native to Madagascar which can grow up to 20m tall.  It is now widely grown in Australia and North America for its spectacular displays.

The feathery "Royal Poinciana" type leaves make an amazing backdrop for the fiery flowers which emerge in Autumn.  The bright orange flowers are quite unique and grow in generous cone shaped clusters which can contain up to 200 buds!  Nectar loving birds, bees and butterflies can not resist the feast!  After flowering, the tree produces long, flat, woody seed pods. Some spectacular specimens can be seen in the Brisbane City Botanical Garden near the Royal Palms circle.

Growing Colvillea racemosa

Plant Colville’s glory tree in full sun and deep, rich, acid to neutral soil with good drainage.  

It can be grown outside the tropics in subtropical zones, but expect cool dry winters to cause it to drop all its leaves, but do not panic!  Once the weather warms and water is plentiful, it will spring to life again.

Plants available:  Strong young trees grown in 100mm pots approx 40cm tall.

Photo credit: By Tatiana Gerus (originally posted to Flickr as Colvillea racemosa) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons