Lepidozamia hopei - Hope's Cycad

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Lepidozamia hopei - Hope's Cycad - Incredible Giant Queensland Native Cycad. Claimed to be the largest of all the Cycads! Looking for a true dinosaur for your garden?!

Lepidozamia Hopei - Hopes Cycad

This Giant is native to the Rainforests of north-eastern Queensland.  You will need a very large space for this amazing plant as they spread outwards before they go skyward, some have been seen to grow up to 20 metres with a 30-50cm trunk! 

The long arching leaves are smooth and glossy, no barbs and just beautiful.  This plant is much bigger than its more commonly propagated relative the Lepidozamia Peroffskyana.

The male & female cones are very long, up to 80cm on the female and the seeds are bright red. 

This rare beauty will adapt to a very large container, but it will need to be deep enough to accomodate the large taproot.  You will need space and provide moist, humus rich soil and plenty of shade.  This cycad is quite hardy and thrives as an understory plant and needs shade.  

It is a tropical or subtropical plant and will even do ok in temperate areas as far down as northern NSW, the further south the slower it will grow.  

These plants are beautiful from the first leaf and you won't be disappointed.


These plants were propogated by a friend who grew them from seed from her own amazing plants. (See the photos) 


Plants for Sale: Large Seedlings - 30cm tall