Fiji Fan Palm (Pritchardia pacifica)

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Fiji Fan Palm (Pritchardia pacifica) is a stunning palm native to Tonga. With large flat stiff rounded leaves, they were traditionally used as fans for the chiefs of the village. Reaches a height of 5-10 metres, this tropical palm tolerates coastal spray. Palms for sale: approx 30-40cm tall

Fiji Fan Palm (Pritchardia pacifica)

Pritchardia pacifica or Fiji Fan Palm, is a beautiful palm and native to Tonga. It is the spectacular palm you have also seen on your holiday to Fiji or Samoa!

Reaching a height of 5-10 metres, this stunner has a smooth, grayish tan trunk 25 cm in diameter. The 20–30 leaves are 1.2 m wide and equally long, making a fabulous fan display.  The flat, rounded leaves divide 1/4-1/3 into many stiff-tipped segments.

In Fiji the leaves of Fiji fan palm were traditionally used as fans, known as Iri masei or Ai viu, that were only used by the chiefs.

These palms will tolerate coastal spray and salty soils.  

They need well draining soil that is kept relatively moist (moisture is important) and partial shade especially when young.

Although tropical they will tolerate temps down to 10C but they do not like it cooler.

A sought after palm, it is widely grown as an ornamental plant throughout the Pacific.  They also make an excellent container palm inside a sunny window in cooler climates.

Palms for sale - Strong Young Palms - approx 40cm tall!