Bangalow Palm (Arch. cunninghamiana)

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Bangalow Palm - Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - Native to Australia. Up to 25 meters tall. Smooth trunk with 2m long fronds. Position: full sun to part shade. Fast growing palm.

Bangalow Palm - Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Beautiful palm, native to Australia. 25m tall. Smooth trunk up to 30cm in diameter and leaves to 2m long.

Self Cleaning. Sheltered position out of strong wind. Full sun to part shade position.

Water regularly, can handle soggy positions. Fast growing palm, grows to 1m a year.

Common Names for Bangalow Palm:

Piccabean Palm, King Palm, Illawarra Palm

Bangalow Palms for sale: Strong young Palms - approx 30-35cm tall looking great!