Crassula ovata - Lucky Jade

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Crassula Ovata - Lucky Jade is an essential retro house plant. Easy care, pretty and green. Will it bring you luck? Maybe :)
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Crassula Ovata - Lucky Jade

Lucky Jade is an essential retro house plant.  Easy care, pretty and green.  Will it bring you luck?  Maybe :)

The Lucky Jade plant appreciates plenty of light. If growing indoors and you can provide a few hours of sunshine a day you will have a happy plant.  Or you can grow it outdoors in a rockery or container.

Use a good draining soil mix suitable for cacti and succulents.

Re-pot when the plant becomes root bound or the soil needs renewing. A good solid and heavy pot is best as Jade plants do become top heavy.

Allow the soil to become dry between each watering.  Do not allow it to sit in a saucer of water.  

Feed every few weeks with dilute liquid seaweed.

Plants available: Sweet babies approx 15-20cm tall and looking lovely