Syngonium - White Pearl

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Syngonium - White Pearl - Perfect leafy indoor plant, tough - perfect for the office.

Syngonium - White Pearl

Syngonium White Pearl is yet another hardy and beautiful plant, perfect as an indoor plant or in a deep shady patch in the garden.   Syngoniums are one of the best plants for indoors or pots producing a lovely dense profusion of leaves.  White Pearl is similar to Moonlight but sports a fine pointed arrow-like leaf.

How to grow Syngonium White Pearl

Syngonium plants best kept warm, above 18 degrees and prefer high humidity, although they will grow very well in most conditions.

They will not tolerate direct sun, so select a shady position for best looks & growth. When grown as an indoor plant, take it outside regularly to give it a hose off, or mist regularly with a spray bottle. Water regularly for phenomenal growth, and fertilize regularly, at least in spring.

Please note: All parts of the plants are poisonous so keep it out of reach of small children and your furry friends.

Plants for sale:  Lovely young plants approx 20cm tall, leafy and ready to pot up in 15cm pots.