Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium gaeyi)

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Madagascar Palm - Pachypodium gaeyi is native to Madagascar and has a thick trunk with leaves at the top. Incredible specimen plant - looks like a spiny palm tree! A mature plant will produce beautiful big waxy white and fragrant flowers that look a bit like the flowers of a frangipani.

Madagascar Palm - Pachypodium Gaeyi

Incredible specimen plant!  Very special and not common, this plant is not really a palm but a succulent!  Very tough, makes a great indoor potted plant in cool climates.

Growing Madagascar Palms

We have seen them up to around 2 metres locally when grown in the garden but they can be kept small by keeping them in a small pot.  To flower they need plenty of sun.  It is important to pot them up in a cactus or free draining mix with sharp sand and good drainage.  They do not like wet feet.  They need very little water especially in winter and should only be watered when they have nearly completely dried out.

The Madagascar Palm loses its leaves in winter, but sprouts anew in spring.

You will need to take care when repotting to wrap the spines to protect your fingers!  Worth the trouble :)

Common Names

Madagascar Palm

Plants for Sale: Babies approx 10cm+ tall with an already spikey little trunk :)  These guys lose their leaves in winter, new leaves beginning to emerge now.