Aloe Vera Barbadensis var. "Vera" Sweet - Yellow flower

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Aloe Vera Barbadensis var. "Vera" Sweet - Yellow flower. There are hundreds of varieties of aloe. We have sourced the popular yellow flowered aloe vera. (We also stock the standard Aloe Vera Barbadensis (orange flower).

Aloe Vera Barbadensis var. "Vera" Sweet - Yellow Flower

Native to Africa and surrounding regions. Aloe Vera is famous for is medicinal properties especially for burns by using the inner flesh of the plant. Aloe vera can grow to around 40cm tall.

Leaves are dark gray to green and edged with tiny blunt teeth. Foliage is more reddish in full sun and bright green in shade or with plenty of water.

They can flower if keep in warm conditions but not if indoors . Flowers of the aloe vera barbadensis vary depending on variety.  

This popular variety has the yellow flower.

Growing Aloe Vera - Yellow flower

Aloe's require warm dry well drained conditions. Quick growing. In cool climates they are suitable to grow indoors in pots. Water every couple days and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. It is easy to over water if this happens the leaves become dull in colour and very soft. If this happens allow the plant to dry out.

Plants for sale: Looking good approx 20cm across