Edible Ginger - PLANT - Zingiber officinale

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Edible Ginger Plant - Zingiber officinale - 30-40cm tall and LUSH!. Easy to grow. Plant them in pots or in the garden, in well draining soil. Ginger loves a feed, so fertilise regularly with good organic fertiliser, such as Rooster Booster or Organic Xtra. Mulch well.

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Edible Ginger Plant - Zingiber officinale

This is the Ginger most often used for cooking.  It is a very slender Ginger with long, thin green leaves and stems.

The flowers are a pale yellow to cream and look like little beehives :)

The root is the main part used for cooking.


Grow your ginger in a nice shady or part shaded spot, it does burn easily in full sun. 

In warm climates, you can leave your Edible Gingers in the garden over winter without digging them up.

They will go dormant over winter, and re-shoot in spring.

In cooler climates, plant them in spring, and dig them up before the cold weather arrives.

You can keep the rhizomes in a cool, dark position and re-plant them when it warm up again.

You can also plant in a pot, and move it to a warmer spot indoors to over-winter the rhizome. Just be careful not to over-water them!


Edible Ginger plants for sale: Rhizome with 30-40cm tall lush foliage!