Buy Lush Foliage Plants Online at Lush Plants Australia. Foliage Plants provide that lush green backdrop, or colour and texture.  Lush foliage plants can be used to create overhead protection for understory plants.  We have a beautiful range of lush foliage plants.

Lush Foliage Plants

Out Of Stock dypsis cabadae yanetahi.jpg
$ 11.95
Out Of Stock
$ 12.95
Out Of StockOn Sale Native Ginger 'Red Back' (Alpinia caerulea) mature plant
$ 9.95
Out Of Stock Travellers Palm (Ravenala madagascariensis) plants for saleTravellers Palm (Ravenala madagascariensis) plants for sale
$ 14.95
Out Of Stock fullsizeoutput_b3c
$ 7.95
Out Of Stock Pinanga coronata tanetahi.jpg
$ 9.95
Out Of Stock Parlour_Palm__Ch_4b2effa33f369.jpg
$ 6.95
Out Of Stock alpinia_luteocarpa
$ 11.95
Out Of Stock peperomia_cupid
$ 14.95
Out Of Stock duranta_lorentzii 198
$ 5.95
Out Of Stock Giant Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia nicolai - mature plant in flower
$ 11.95
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