Waterhousea Floribunda - Weeping Lilly Pilly

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Waterhousea Floribunda - Weeping Lilly Pilly - Gorgeous evergreen tree with weeping wavy foliage with fabulous red, maroon, copper growth, a real stunner.

Waterhousea Floribunda - Weeping Lilly Pilly

I love this plant!  The Weeping Lilly Pilly is absolutely gorgeous!  It will generally grow to around 10 metres as a tree but can be kept pruned to 4-5m as an extremely attractive hedge.

The new growth is red, maroon, copper and so makes a great specimen tree or as a nice hedge for privacy.  The mature leaves are a deep green and have wavy margins and a weeping habit which make it quite unique.

The birds and bees are attracted to the fluffy cream flowers that spring forth in the summer.

Grow it in the sun, it doesnt mind a little shade when young but the sun seems to bring out the colour in the new growth.

This tree prefers well drained soil and will respond well to soil improvement.

This Native Australian is a great choice!

Plants for Sale - Strong seedling trees approx 25-30cm tall