Sansevieria Variegated Snake Plant

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Sansevieria Variegated Snake Plant - Hardy, indoors or out. NASA named plant famous for cleaning the air of impurities! Plants for sale 30-40cm tall.

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This very hardy succulent has beautiful grey / white / green variegations.

Perfect indoor plant in a large pot!  Fantastic texture and structure.  Almost plastic feel and very difficult to kill!

Snake plant is one of the few plants named by NASA as a top plant "for cleaning the air" of chemicals.   

Fantastic for offices or appartments in the city to help rid the air of nasty impurities!

The leaves can grow very tall to around 80cm tall in the right conditions.  If you plant outside, grow in full sun to part shade.  Sansevieria (Snake plant) is not fussy about soil, very easy to care for. Extremely drought hardy. Sansevierias will produce more upright spreading stems once established, so plant them where they are easy to manage, or keep them potted.

Sansevieria plants for sale:

Strong root at least one perfect stem around 40cm+ tall.