Red Back Ginger - Native Australian - Alpinia caerulea

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Alpinia caerulea is a beautiful ginger, native to Australia. Leaves are large and shiny. Very hardy, non-invasive, creates a nice bushy plant. approx 30-40cm tall

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Red Back Ginger (Alpinia caerulea)


A beautiful ginger, native to Australia, from the rainforest understories of Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

This ginger is a clumping upright plant to 2m tall with striking maroon/red-backed leaves. Leaves are large and shiny. It is very hardy due to underground rhizomes which are non-invasive.

The rhizomes store water, and new shoots will come up from those rhizomes to create a nice bushy plant.

Alpinia caerulea produces fragrant white flowers, which attract birds, followed by long lasting round blue fruit.

Fruits & roots have a refreshing lemon/ginger taste and are edible. This Ginger is best grown in light to full shade.  They do look best with adequate water.

Alpinia caerulea 'Red Back' also is an excellent indoor plant or house plant as it is very adaptable to low light positions. 


Plants for sale: Young plants approx 30cm tall.  looking great

Common names: Red Backed Ginger, Ginger 'Red Back', Native Ginger