Pemba Palm (Dypsis pembana)

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The Pemba Palm is a fast growing palm from Pemba, a small island of the coast of Africa. It grows up to 12m tall and has beautiful deep green, bamboo-like, ringed trunks. It is similar to Dypsis lanceolata.

Pemba Palm -Dypsis pembana

The Pemba palm is a beautiful tall clustering palm from a small island off the coast of Africa.  Listed as vulnerable with only around 3000 palms left on the island, it is a great palm to plant and save.  It is one of the few Dypsis NOT from Madagascar. 

Relatively fast growing, it is related to D. lutescens, cabadae, and lanceolata.

It is sometimes confused with Dypsis lanceolata which has a similar appearance, with is broad, thicker leaves, but it is smaller and a bit hardier.  

The Pemba has deep green ringed trunk and quite short upright leaves that arch strongly at the tips, they swell a little at the base when mature.

The Pemba palm has a high cold tolerance but should not be exposed to frosts.

It grows well in moist, well draining soils in full sun to part shade.

Still quite rare and difficult to find.

A great gallery of photos of the Pemba can be seen at;

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