Lobster Claws (Heliconia rostrata)

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Plants for sale: Lobster Claws (Heliconia rostrata): Supplied as Rhizome with new growth. An outstandingly brilliant show of colours from this flawless perennial. Suitable for tropical landscapes, or indoor growth. Makes exceptional cut flowers.

Lobster Claws - Heliconia rostrata

The Lobster Claw plant is an herbaceous perennial native to Peru, Bolivia, Columbia and Ecuador, and naturalized in Puerto Rico. Other Heliconia plants grow in an upright position allowing their flowers (or bracts) to act as a water store supply for birds and insects. This particular Heliconia however, is specially different and unique to the others. It grows with its bracts downward facing, which allow it to provide nectar to birds. Because of this, it is known as a host flower, particularly to the hummingbird.

It displays brilliant reds and yellows in its exotic show. The bold and daring hued bracts grow along the stem in clusters. Its unique characteristics make this plant an ideal extra special treat to an exotic or tropical garden. It also makes remarkable cuttings that would stand proud in a vase in your home.

Growing Lobster Claw plants

Heliconia plants tend to prefer a warm and humid growing atmosphere, with well drained (yet fertile and moist) slightly acidic soil. Alkaline soil may encourage iron deficiency, giving them yellowing to white leaves. They thrive in partial or full sun locations, but will do well indoors if given sunny conditions and enough humidity. They will arise every year from the rhizomes. New stems develop after the old plant flowers, so its wonderful display lasts for years. Freezing temperatures will damage or even kill the rhizomes so you should keep it protected from frost and cold winter conditions.

Lobster Claws can grow to 15ft tall in nature, but in a home landscape are likely to reach 3-6ft. To maintain it is recommended to fertilize in the spring and then again every two months until Autumn, cutting back any spent leaves or flowers. The Lobster Claws demonstrate easy growth year after year, continuously flaunting their long lasting characteristics.

Common names:

Lobster Claws, Hanging Lobster Claws, False Bird of Paradise, Parrot Flower, Parrot Beak, Heliconia Rostrata, Sexy hanger

Lobster Claw plants for sale

You are buying a Rhizome with new growth, ready for planting :)