Hibiscus Tiliaceus rubra - Native Cottonwood

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Hibiscus Tiliaceus rubra - Native Cottonwood. Coastal conditions, quick growing, spreading tree. Red foliage, gorgeous flowers. Screens, foliage, windbreaks or feature.

Hibiscus Tiliaceus rubra - Native Cottonwood

Love natives, and this one sure is a beauty!   The Hibiscus Tiliaceus is a flowering tree in the mallow family and is also known as the Coastal Hibiscus.

With gorgeous red, heart shaped foliage and golden flowers the contrast is amazing!  The bright yellow flowers have a red centre and deepen in colour to orange then red before falling.

The Coastal Hibiscus forms into a lovely rounded dense tree that is perfect for screening, shade, windbreaks or as a feature.

This form is very popular, quick growing and spreading.  These trees are native to coastal conditions so very suitable for properties with salt laden spray and sandy soils.  They will however grow beautifully in the garden in free draining soil - tough.

Growing Hibiscus Tiliaceus rubra - Native Cottonwood

Plant in rich free draining soil, in full sun, tolerates salty sandy coastal conditions and slightly acid to alkaline soils.

Hibiscus Tiliaceus Plants for sale:

Strong rooted young trees approx 25cm tall