Canna Tropical Red

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Canna Tropical Red - Lovely, lush with gorgeous splash of colour to your garden. Beautiful young plants.

Canna Tropical Red

 Canna is an easy-to-grow, tropical to sub-tropical herbaceous plant. 

'Tropical Red” is known for its large bright scarlet red flowers, and is a compact variety reaching around 50-80cm tall.  It has medium to dark green foliage that forms a tidy clump.  Its strong upright leaves bring texture to the garden, and its amazing blooms will attract insect pollinators.

Cannas are amazingly adaptable. They prefer full sun and rich moist to wet soil but are surprisingly drought tolerant if they need to be.  They will tolerate boggy soils but not standing water - they are great for difficult areas.

Canna can be transplanted and divide easily. In areas that experience frosts, the bulbs can be dug up and stored in a cool dry place over winter for planting again the next spring, or you can pot them and bring them in for the winter.


Plants Available: Beautiful young plants ready to plant out or pot up. Approx 30cm tall - grown in 100mm pots