Caladium Red Belly - Angel Wings

$ 14.95
Caladium Red Belly - An amazing work of art! Amazing deep green and glossy red contrast.

Caladium Red Belly (Angel Wings)

An amazing work of art!  

These beauties love a shady spot and will provide a wonderful show throughout the warmer months before having a sleep in the winter, perfect for adding colour to a shady corner in the garden or an amazing patio plant or houseplant in good light, out of direct sun.  

Best in tropical climates with good humidity and planted in a well draining mix. 

Indoors as house plants, especially in dry/ airconditioned environments, they should be kept moist and provided with regular misting to keep them happy.

Foliage often dies back during the cooler months, this is a normal dormancy stage.  During dormancy place plant in a cool dry spot and provide minimal water every 3-4 weeks.  Like magic, your caladium will sprout beautiful new leaves once Spring arrives.  Make sure you label your Caladium so you don't accidently throw it out in winter!

Caladiums, along with many other house plants are not designed to be eaten and are toxic to young ones and our furry friends so always remember to position your plants for safety.

Plants Available: Beautiful strong young plants approx 30cm tall - See pic