Amaranth - Perfecta

$ 6.95
Amaranth tricolour - Perfecta - Highly coloured, edible permaculture plant spectacular leaf colouring.

Amaranth tricolour - Perfecta

Wow! Highly ornamental foliage variety with spectacular leaf colouring. Amaranths are amazing and come in lots of varieties with the bonus of having edible leaves and seeds and often grown in permaculture gardens.  This amaranth is also grown for its leaves of many colours it is unsurprisingly also known as Josephs Coat. Fill a pot or plant as a mass planting in beds or as part of a cottage type garden. The leaves differ slightly from plant to plant and colours continue to strengthen as the plant matures - it really is fabulous!

It will happily produce a nice bushy plant to 70cm in full sun but needs to have adequate moisture to be at its best. As an annual, the bounty of seeds will provide plenty more colour and fodder for next year.

Amaranth Plants for Sale - Approx 30cm tall already - starting to colour up - sent in an eco-friendly biodegradable pot - plant direct into garden or large pot.