Blue Cane Palm (Dypsis cabadae)

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Blue Cane Palm - Dypsis cabadae, powdery whitish blue, bamboo like trunks. 8m tall. Clumping feather palm. Full sun, regular watering.

Blue Cane Palm - Dypsis cabadae

The Blue Cane Palm is similar to the popular Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens).  Originating from the same country, Madagascar, and has a similar clumping habit. growing to around 8m tall.

The trunks are what sets this palm apart, and makes it very suitable for landscaping. Trunks are quite thin, ringed and whitish blue in colour, giving them a bamboo appearance.

Dypsis cabadae is much less known and grown than the Golden Cane Palm.  Although a little slower growing than the Golden Cane Palm, this may be an advantage to smaller gardens, or for growing in pots and containers.

The Blue Cane Palm is easily grown, a position in full sun or very light shade should be selected, with well draining soil. These palms look best when regularly watered, but can survive extended periods of drought once they are established.

Fertilise regularly with a slow release fertiliser, or organic equivalent, to keep it lush and green. This will also speed up growth. Mulch well to direct moisture & fertiliser to where it is most needed.

Common names: Blue Cane Palm, Bluecane Palm, Cabadae Palm, Cabada Palm

Plants available:  Young palms approx 30cm tall