Red Chinese Lantern "Hibiscus"

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Red Chinese Lantern "Hibiscus" although these beautiful plants look like hibiscus and are related to them, they are actually abutilons. A lush green shrub with delicate lantern shaped flowers.

Red Chinese Lantern "Hibiscus"

Hailing from South America, there are many different hybrids of this shrub.  Although it looks like a hibiscus (and is related to them), this plant is actually an Abutilon.  

This particular hybrid produces the most delicate red lanterns on a graceful evergreen shrub that will grow 2-3 metres tall and form a open pendulous shape.  

Although they will flower on and off, the most profuse flowering occur from Sept to Dec.

How to grow Chinese Lantern Abutilons

Abutilons grow well in most parts of Australia, except the very cold high country. In very hot areas they will appreciate shade from the afternoon sun.

Provide a rich, well drained soil,  water well and mulch. Do not over fertilise or you will get more foliage and less flowers.  

Plants for Sale: Strong young plants approx 30cm tall