Heliconia Alan Carle

$ 14.95
A beautiful Heliconia, which grows 1- 1.5m tall. Flowers are stunning, easy to grow plant. It prefers a full sun to part shady position, in fertile soil, a little more cold tolerant than some varieties.

Heliconia - Alan Carle 

Heliconia Alan Carle is an easy to grow heliconia, producing beautiful flowers in Summer and lush banana like foliage.   It prefers a full sun to part shady position and rich, fertile soil. It looks best with regular watering, but can handle periods of drought. Old foliage & flower stems can be cut back once a year to keep this Heliconia looking fresh and beautiful, and this will encourage new flowers and foliage. 

Mulch deeply and fertilise regularly - this plant loves a feed! It also appreciates applications of seaweed solution for general health, and liquid fertiliser applied as foliar feed. 

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Sold as a rhizome with new growth.