Drunken Parrot Tree - Schotia brachypetala

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Drunken Parrot Tree - Schotia brachypetala - Spectacular Bird attracting tree and an African native. Masses of crimson flowers. Makes a wonderful specimen tree.

Drunken Parrot Tree - Schotia brachypetala

The first time I saw this tree I was amazed the incredible vibrant crimson flowers in the deep green foliage.  The tree was covered in birds drinking the sweet smelling nectar and looking decidely tipsy!  

This spectacular tree in a native of Africa and widely cultivated in parks and gardens for its showy flowers, shady canopy and bird attracting qualities.  It is also known as tree fuchsia, African greenheart and African walnut.  The tree produces so much nectar some of it ferments creating an alcoholic beverage for the birds!

This tree will generally grow to around 10 metres in well prepared soil, full sun and adequate watering.  It is a survivor and if provided with poorer conditions, it will still grow but much slower and probably only to 5 metres.  Look after it and you will have nice tree in only a few years.  Frost hardy once established but prefers a warm, sunny, sheltered position.

Plants Available:  Young seedling trees looking great!  Approx 25-30cm tall in 70mm pot