Bird of Paradise Plants (Strelitzia reginae)

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The Bird of Paradise is a stunning plant; it has a uniquely shaped flower which resembles a bird. Flowers are orange and blue and flower most of the year. The warmer the climate, the more they will bloom. It has paddle shaped leathery leaves that are aprox 20cm long and 15cm wide. It forms great clumps of over a meter wide, up to 1.5 meters high.

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About Bird of Paradise plants (Strelitzia reginae)

Strelitzia reginae is a bold structural plant and forms large evergreen clumps of stiff banana-like leaves growing up from the base.The Bird of Paradise is a stunning and will flower most of the year in the right conditions.  The warmer the climate, the more they will bloom. The paddle shaped leathery leaves are aprox 20cm long and 15cm wide. and it can form in great clumps of over a meter wide, up to 1.5 meters high.

The Strelitzia Reginae is a native to South Africa. It was introduced to European gardeners in 1773. It was named of King George’s wife, Queen (Queen = Reginae in Latin) Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Bird of Paradise provides bulk and mass to your garden and can be used as a small shrub. They look great with lower growing annuals or ground covers. Use in shrub borders and in planting islands and containers. Makes a showy and non-messy plant next to the pool, a beautiful potted specimen for homes & offices and is widely used in flower arrangements /cut flowers.

Bird of Paradise should be planted in rich acidic soil. If your soil is not rich, add rotted manure or time release fertilizer to the hole when planting. Fertilize plants monthly. Give potted BOP’s a liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks. Crowd pots to achieve the most blooms. Plants should be planted in bright sun for the best flowers, in shade for the best looking foliage. A spot where the sun is filtered during the hottest parts of the day would be ideal; this way you get the beautiful green foliage and a decent amount of flowers. Strelitzia loves water, water frequently during hot times, less in winter. Don’t soak the soil if planted in a pot. Bird of Paradise is easily damaged by frost and freezing temperatures, but would recover if the ground doesn’t freeze.

We have a variety of Bird of Paradise plants including a Gold flowered version, a "leafless" version and the Giant Bird of Paradise

Common names:

Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower

Bird of Paradise plants for sale: Large Strong established plants approx 40cm tall (plant base to leaf tips)