Gardenia White (Delicious Scent)

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Gardenia White, I am not certain of the variety as the label is lost but it looks like Professor Pucci a larger variety of Gardenia, growing to 1.5m tall. Flowers are very large, much larger than the standard Gardenia shrubs, and it produces flowers up to 10cm across. Supplied as: plants, 20-30cm tall.

Gardenia White

Gardenia White - I am not certain of the variety as the label was lost but it looks alot like Gardenia Professor Pucci - a larger variety of Gardenia.  I cannot guarantee it, but I can guarantee it is a gorgeous, delicious smelling Gardenia!  If it is Professor Pucci it will grow to 1.5m tall. Flowers will be very large, much larger than the standard Gardenia shrubs, up to 10cm across.  If not, it will be a little smaller :)

The Gardenia genus consists of around 250 species, the majority occurring in the tropics of Africa and Asia. Mostly evergreen shrubs or small trees, they have opposite or whorled, simple, shiny deep green leaves. The fragrant large flowers have made this genus popular in cultivation throughout the world and an important florist’s flower.

The tubular to funnel-shaped flowers can be white or yellow and are produced singly or in few-flowered cymes along or at the ends of branches. Gardenias can flower in summer, spring and autumn. The fruit is a leathery or fleshy berry with many seeds. Gardenias are useful landscape subjects and make wonderful container plants.

They can be pruned on a tall trunk into a topiary, kept as a bonsai, pruned as a normal shrub or grown as a tub specimen..Some species are used to scent tea and others are used in the treatment of influenza and colds in modern Chinese herbalism. A yellow dye was made from the fruits.

Most are adaptable shrubs tolerant of sun or semi-shade and perform best in a well-drained humus-rich acidic soil. Gardenias need a protected position in the garden with some morning sun.
An east-facing location is ideal, where the plant can be shelter from the very hot afternoon sun. Gardenias are surface rooted and respond well to regular mulching with good quality compost and fertilizer when in growth, with adequate summer watering.

Gardenias are sensitive to high salt levels in the soil which results from using hard water and fertilisers. To prevent salt build-ups, do not over fertilize and periodically leach the soil with rain water to wash out excess salts. Gardenia plants require to be fed through spring, summer and autumn with Azalea & Camellia food.

In cool climates grow in a heated greenhouse, as gardenias are frost tender. Pinching out the tips while the plant is dormant will cause the plant to become bushier. Pinching usually promote heavier blooms the following year. Propagate from seeds or leafy tip or half-hardened cuttings in late spring and summer.

Common names: Gardenia

Supplied as: plants, 25-30cm tall