Cranberry Hibiscus - Hibiscus acetosella)

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Cranberry Hibiscus - Hibiscus acetosella is an edible shrub-like plant that has become popular for its brilliant foliage. Gardeners desire its beautiful shades of green, burgundy, and copper

Cranberry Hibiscus - Hibiscus acetosella

Absolutely gorgeous burgundy red foliage and edible!  This annual grows very quickly into a bushy shrub.

With a pleasant lemony taste, the leaves are great in salads for colour and taste.  The purplish pink flowers are very pretty and bloom throughout the winter and spring.

The hibiscus acetosella needs sun to partial shade and these tropical plants will not survive in frosty areas.
Hibiscus acetosella are fairly low maintenance.  They grow great in containers if given a daily watering. Pruning is not required, but can be done to adjust the size and shape of the plant.
Depending on the growing conditions the average Hibiscus acetosella reaches 1m - 1.5m tall

Supplied as: Cuttings x 3 approx 20cm long (easy to root, keep in moist potting mix in warm location)