Red Pineapple Plants (Ananas bracteatus)

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Red Pineapple Plant - Ananas bracteatus -Native of South America, fabulous ornamental with red edible fruit and prickly leaves that make a great security border! Tough and drought hardy, red fruit and violet flowers.

Red Pineapple Plant - Ananas bracteatus (standard)

Native to South America the red ornamental pineapple is a sight to behold!  With lovely long spikey leaves they make a great security border to keep others off the garden!!  They enjoy growing in warm, sunny locations, in free draining organically enriched and mulched soils.

Established plants are fairly drought resitant but keeping the water up during dry periods will ensure they grow nicely. You can get flowers and fruit at any time of the year but they tend to flower in spring and the fully ripened fruit will be ready in late summer, this ornament pineapple is also edible, although it will take a few years to reach fruiting size.  It is wise to protect them with a  light cover once they start to look delicious to the birds, otherwise you won't get a chance!  They are tough and apart from the possums and birds you shouldn't have problems with pests.  Protect them from frost by covering them with a hesian bag, or to be safe, plant your pineapple plant as a feature in a large pot and keep it in a protected place.

Plants for sale:  Strong prickly baby plants - Approx 15-20cm wide.  Gradually introduce to full sun if planting outdoors.