Okinawa Spinach - Gynura bicolour

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Okinawa Spinach - Gynura crepioides or bicolour- Awesome! Edible landscaping, this beauty looks great and tastes great and good for you! Healthy strong young plants approx 20-25cm tall - Looking fabulous

Okinawa Spinach - Gynura bicolour aka Gynura crepioides

I love edible landscaping!  This is one of them, does it need a prune?  Well there is lunch :)

Gynura bicolour is beautiful with amazing purple and green foliage.  In Japan it is eaten as a vegetable and is very versitile in meals.  

A member of the chrysanthemum family (Asteraceae), it is native to China, Thailand, and Myanmar but grown widely as a vegetable and as a medicinal herb.  

It is dense and low growing and makes a great ground cover or colourful filler in the garden.  

It is super low maintainence, even better, tough and doesn't seem to have too many insect problems.  

It loves tropical and subtropical gardens!  In cooler or climates that experience frost, it will thrive in a container, perhaps on a sunny windowsill or in a courtyard and protected from frost.

Growing Okinawa Spinach - Gynura bicolour

This plant will grow to nearly 1metre if you let it but can easily be kept low and dense if pruned.  

It does like sun to partial shade, plenty of moist organically improved soil, mulch and water and slightly acidic soil.  If you do decide to put it in full sun, remember to mulch and keep the water up.

Enjoying Okinawa Spinach as a vegetable.

Surprisingly nutritious, this plant can be eaten raw or cooked. They can be used in stir fries etc but if overdone they go a bit slimy, so I like to enjoy them fresh straight off the plant (when pruning) or in a salad.  

Not sure how I would describe the flavour but it is definately crisp and slightly nutty.  

I have been told there are two kinds of Okinawa Spinach, one has the purple colouring under the leaves and one doesn't!

Our plants do have that lovely "bicolour" of green and purple :)

Plants for Sale:  Strong and lovely plants approx 20cm tall - Looking fabulous