Dragon's Blood Tree (Dracaena draco)

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Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco), Living Fossil! Fascinating plant with thick trunk which branches widely, crown of thick blue-green foliage. Very hardy, frost & drought tolerant. Full sun, and well suited to pots. Plants for sale: 15cm tall

Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco)

An incredible living fossil, a structural masterpiece.  

Dracaena Draco only exists in the Canary Islands in natural habitat. It looks like it is related to Agave with a thick trunk and strappy foliage on top, but is in fact in the same family as asparagus!! Dracaena draco becomes widely branched when it matures and it can grow to anywhere from 3-10m.  It is slow growing, but worth the investment:)

It’s a magnificent and fascinating plant with crowns of long bluish leaves, a short stem and coral roots. Leaf scars look like the skin of a reptile and when wounded, the tree ‘bleeds’ a deep red sap known as ‘Dragons Blood’. In ancient time this was used for embalming and alchemy.

Growing your Dragon Tree

It is a very hardy plant, but needs well draining soil, warmth and full sun. It’s also very suitable for containers - something different!

Also excellent as a palm tree alternative, being frost tolerant and very tropical looking. Frost tolerant up to about -10.

Common names: Dragon Tree, Dragon's Blood Tree, Dragon's Tree

Dragon Tree plants for sale: Young plants establishing nicely approx - 15-20cm tall