White Ghost Cactus - Euphorbia lactea

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White Ghost Cactus - Euphorbia lactea; This incredible cactus looks unreal! Easy to grow!

White Ghost Cactus

This incredible cactus looks unreal!  Missing most of its chlorophyll it will still grow into a very striking plant with a candelebra shape. Originally from the tropics it does enjoy warmth and humidity but will grow well in most areas but requires protection from very cool weather / frost.

White Ghost are very easy to grow and drought tolerant and actually prefer a little neglect.  A well drained sandy cactus mix is prefered but any quality well drained potting mix is usually ok, as long as it does not get too wet.

This plant likes semi shade to full sun and has been grown under 20% shadecloth, if you want to plant it in full sun, aclimatise slowly to prevent sunburn.

Like all euphorbias, the ghost cactus will ooze a white latex sap when cut / damaged, some people are very sensitive to it, so consider this first before choosing this plant.  Avoid any skin contact with the sap and wash immediately if you get it on you.

Plants for Sale, approx 20cm tall similar to photo, but your plant will be uniquely different.