Tree Wisteria - Bolusanthus speciosa

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Tree Wisteria - Bolusanthus speciosa; Fabulous weeping wisteria-like violet flowers. Spectacular specimen tree,

Tree Wisteria - Bolusanthus speciosa

Native to South and East Africa, Bolusanthus is a fast growing, good looking and reliable tree with gorgeous weeping wisteria-like violet blue fragrant flowers. 

This special tree is also often in demand for bonsai.  

Growing Tree Wisteria

In the ground it can grow to around 4-10 metres unless it is cut back and is suitable for medium size gardens due to its non-invasive roots.

It prefers a light to medium well-drained, slightly alkaline soil in an open sunny position and regular watering.  

Although frost resistant once mature, young plants are quite suseptible to damage.  

Tree Wisteria is deciduous or semi-evergreen tree or shrub and grows quite upright with a narrow crown and can develop multiple trunks.

Plants Available: Strong Seedling Trees approx 40cm tall.

Photo credit: Forest & Kim Starr [CC BY 3.0 us (]