Star Jasmine - Trachelospermum Tricolor

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Plants for sale: Creeping 20-30cm long Trachelospermum Tricolor. Make fabulous ground covers, and great for hanging baskets, but can also be trained perfectly to create show-stopping features on a trellis. Also deliciously fragrant, so much so you won't want to walk away from it. Gain maximum rewards in the form of elegance in exchange for minimal and simple love and care.

Trachelospermum Tricolor - Variegated Star Jasmine 

The Trachelospermum, commonly known as the Star Jasmine or Tricolor is a herbaceous twining perennial belonging to the Apocyneae family, and is native to Japan, China and Korea. It is a lush evergreen and a repetive bloomer - which is great news considering how much natural beauty this plant has.

The Tricolor has glossy oval leaves which when new are a dashing shade of pink, then mature to a wonderful mottled white on green. In winter the leaves turn to a warm bronze-red, giving a fantastic autumn feel. Throughout the growing season, this plant fashions many cream/white star shaped flowers with a sweet and strong heavenly scent that you will just fall in love with. Even without these flowers in bloom, the Tricolor looks so good you'll want to put it in centre stage. It makes a superb houseplant (even more so because of how easy it is to love and care for), but also makes great groundcovers, hanging baskets, and can be trained to climb a garden trellis. This plant is so well-known, it has even won Awards of Merit in the UK.

Growing Trachelospermum Tricolor

This is indeed an easy to please plant. It enjoys partial sun to partial shade, average watering (advisable to allow to dry between watering) and can be planted in any season. The Tricolor will appreciate organic rich soil (acidic, neutral or alkaline) and average drainage. It is extremely hardy, however it would be best to shelter it from harsh cold winter winds. Will bloom late spring to early autumn, but as it is evergreen you will be left to admire its exquisite variegated foliage all year round.

Extremely easy to train on a trellis, and sculpting as a topiary. Looks fab growing in hanging baskets too!

Common names:

Trachelospermum Tricolor, Star Jasmine, Chinese Jasmine, Trachelospermum, Tricolor, Trachelospermum Jasminoides Tricolor.

Trachelospermum Tricolor plants for sale

20-30cm long, ideal for containers, hanging basket, garden trellis, groundcovers, houseplants, topiary or bansai, vine, espalier.