Pregnant Onion - Albuca bracteata

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Pregnant Onion - Albuca bracteata - Charming houseplant, this mama produces little babies on the outer layers of the bulb. SO CUTE!

Pregnant Onion - Albuca bracteata

You will love this mama!  Such an unusual plant and not so easy to find.  

It has an interesting way of producing new bulbs under the skin hence the common name.  

So pretty too, producing masses of white flowers when the time is right.  Native to Africa it is drought tolerant and doesn't mind drying out between waterings.  

Tough too, in seriously dry conditions the foliage can be shed and the bulb will reshoot once rain returns.  Plant it is a light mix that drains well.

Great for the coffee table as a conversation piece.  

Despite its name, it is not edible, in fact it is toxic, so make sure it is safe from young children and pets.

aka: Ornithogalum longebracteatum, false sea onion, sea onion


Pregnant Onions available:  Young plants, gloriously green.