Plumeria Pudica -White Frangipani

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Plumeria pudica - White Evergreen Frangipani; Incredible spoon or fiddle leaf shaped leaves! A profuse bloomer of frangipani flowers - just gorgeous!

Plumeria pudica - White Evergreen Frangipani

Plumeria pudica is native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. This incredibly beautiful plant has the most incredible spoon or fiddle leaf shaped leaves!

It is a profuse bloomer and the frangipani flowers are just gorgeous!  They are quite easy to grow and will reach around 3-4 metres is height in the right conditions.

They tend to grow tall with lots of narrow branches which hold a profusion of blooms.  

Although this is the most cold tolerant of the pudicas it really grows best in Queensland.  If you are further south, it is best planted in a pot of container than can be brought in and protected in the cooler months, it is well suited to containers and can be cut back to a compact shape.

Grow in full sun to part shade in well draining soil.

Plants for Sale:  Established young plants approx 30-40cm tall.

Also known as: Bridal bouquet, White frangipani, Fiddle leaf plumeria, Wild plumeria and Bonairian oleander