Neomarcia Gracilis - Walking Iris / Apostle Plant

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Plants for sale: approx 30cm tall - Neomarcia Gracilis - Walking Iris / Apostle Plant - This plant is incredibly beautiful as it is incredible. A unusual and lush addition to your garden.

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The neomarcia gracious, also known as Brazilian walking iris, is a beautiful lush strap leaf plant and perfect in the garden as a filler or as an amazing container plant and conversation piece!  This herbaceous perennial looks particularly good hanging over a wall or border where you can really appreciate the unusual nature of these "walking flowers".   Often called the Apostle plant because it is widely believed it will not flower until it has 12 Apostles (or leaves).  The exquisite iris-like flower blooms then develops its own roots and leaves and forms a new plant, and so "Walks" across the garden.  The flowers are very fragant and appear as if by magic from within the leaves.

Growing Neomarcia Gracilis - Walking Iris / Apostle Plant

This beauty requires filtered light to part shade. Plant in improved, humus rich and well drained soil and be careful not to over water.  

As this plant lends itself to containers, it will make a beautiful potted specimen in cooler climates that may experience frosts.  Be sure to move it to a protected area when frost is expected.

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Photo By B.navez (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons