Kauri Pine - Agathis robusta

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Queensland Kauri Pine - Agathis robusta - Ancient forest giant, spectacular tree for large project / property.

Queensland Kauri Pine - Agathis robusta

We are lucky enough to have one of these beauties in our garden - it's magical!  The leaves, bark, strong straight trunk and the beautiful orange sized cones it drops are like a work of art!

The other place I have seen them in all their glory is at Paronella Park in North Queenland reaching the sky along a pathway.  

Most people think of conifers as being northern hemisphere trees but this one is an Aussie!

Belonging to the Araucariaceae family that once covered Gondwanaland, this tree is "ancient and special".

Native now to coastal Queensland and New Guinea it will also do well in Southern Australia/ Victoria.

This conifer does not have needle like foliage but broad, flat and leathery foliage. 

Agathis grows to be a 45 metre forest giant so is not suitable for the suburban garden but instead an amazing addition to a long term project or large property.

Agathis robusta plants Available - Approx 35cm tall