Pineapple Plants - Ananas comosus

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Grow your own Pineapples! These are the pineapple fruits like you see in the shop. Beautiful sweet fruit. Fast growing, form clumps of 50cm tall by 50cm wide. Very tough and low maintenance.

Pineapple plants - Ananas comosus

Grow your own Pineapples! These are the classic pineapple fruits, just like you see in the shop. Bromeliad family. Beautiful sweet fruit is born on a stalk, emerging from the center of the plant. They are fast growing and form clumps of 50cm tall by 50cm wide. Pineapple plants are very tough and drought hardy. They will produce off shoots, which can be removed and replanted in a different spot in the garden.

Ananas comosus is a low maintenance plant, which will produce fruit with a minimum of fuss. They are best grown in full sun to part shade. Choose a fertile, well draining soil. They are not entirely frost hardy, so cover them if frost is expected.

Will the Pineapple plants arrive potted?

No, they'll arrive bareroot.  We wrap them in paper, right around the foliage as they can be quite sharp, so be careful unwrapping :)
We recommend a 200mm pot, if you want to pot it up. Otherwise, pop the pineapple straight into the garden.
They need full sun to part shade, well draining soil and that's about it. Maybe add some nice fertilizer to the pot or garden to give them a boost.
Pineapple Plants can be a bit tricky to put in a pot, just put as much soil around the roots as you can, and then water it in really well to wash the soil into the roots.

Plants for sale: approx 20 cm across