Coffee Tree - Coffee Arabica

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Coffee Tree (Coffee Arabica) Grow your own Coffee! Easy to grow! Best in warm climates, or grow in a pot!

Coffee Tree (Coffee Arabica)

Coffee arabica is originally from Yemen on the Arabian peninsula, Arabica is thought to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated and many consider it to be a superior coffee type.

Coffee Trees are attractive with dark glossy leaves and striking red berries.  They take around seven years to mature and grow to about 5 metres but can be trimmed to two metres for easier harvest.  Coffee is relatively pest free and will grow well in rich or improved soils.

Small white flowers appear two to four years after planting and produce a Jasmine-like fragrance. The flowers only last a few days then the green berries begin to appear, ripening and deepening to a bright red.

Coffee grows best in semi-shade between around 15-25C, that being said my coffee tree is still looking strong in our current 35C climate.  

They do not like frost, but that doesn't mean you can't plant your coffee tree in a large pot and wheel it inside a warm conservatory during the winter if you are in a frost area.

Grow your own Coffee on a Coffee Plant!

Your Coffee beans are ready to pick when the berries darken to a glossy red. There are two or sometimes one or three beans in the berries.

The beans are easy to process, but does take patience :)  

You will find plenty of information on the web for roasting your own coffee.  

Here is an excellent article that describes the basics for processing your coffee berries:

Plants for Sale:  Healthy strong Seedling Trees - Approx 20-25cm tall looking lush :)



Photo attribution: By Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada (Coffee break) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons