Shell Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet)

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Shell Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet) is a cold hardy ginger growing as far south as Melbourne, it has flowers that resemble sea shells which are white with pink tips.

Shell Ginger - Alpinia zerumbet 

A cold hardy ginger growing as far south as Melbourne, flowers resemble sea shells and are white with pink tips, flowering in spring and summer in the cooler areas and all year round in the warmer parts of Australia, it prefers morning sun and will grow in semi shade.   It can also be used for a screen plant, as it grows up to 2 meters + This ginger likes rich organic soil in a moist well drained position and will tolerate dry conditions once established, can also be grown in a container but not as an indoor plant.

Growing tips for shell ginger:

When you receive your rhizomes plant them in a pot until established, plant the rhizomes with the new shoots/stem/buds pointing upwards no more than 3-4 cm under the soil with the shoots or buds above the soil, water thoroughly and then do not water again until the soil feels dry, keep moist when shoots start to grow. Use slow release fertilizer and keep the pots in a warm shady position until the leaves unfold then your ginger can be planted into your garden.

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Rhizome with fresh growth.