Betel Leaf (Piper sarmentosum)

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Betel Leaf - The ever talented, ever useful, evergreen perennial, flaunting dark green glossy heart shaped leaves which can be eaten cooked or raw (perhaps in a salad or as a wrap) but can also be used for health and medicinal purposes. This is most definitely an important member of the Piperaceae family, which you would be proud to welcome in to your garden. For those looking for more than 'just another plant'.

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About Betel Leaf (Piper sarmentosum)

The Piper sarmentosum (Betel leaf) originate from the Piperaceae family, the same group as pepper and kava.  The Betel leaf is used in many Southern Asian cuisines and traditional snacks. As it can be eaten cooked or raw, it is so simple to pair up with other ingredients to make a delicious treat. Typically, these leaves are used in curries, salad and as a wrap around foods such as rice, prawns or even something as simple as French fries. It is extremely versatile. The leaves have a rather intense, bitter taste but if soaked in sweetened water, the taste can be altered drastically. As the leaves are so attractive, it is quite well known for them to be used as the base of a platter before adding food to the top.  

Growing Betel Leaf

The Betel leaf is an evergreen plant. It loves rich, moist (yet well drained) soil, and partial shade. The frost can damage its leaves, but once well established, will not kill the plant itself. You should avoid waterlogging the Betel leaf as it cannot tolerate high volumes of moisture. Regular feeding and water will encourage fast and lush growth. Piper sarmentosum are perennial creepers and can grow to around 90cm. When given the right amount of love and attention, this plant is fast growing and makes an extremely attractive ground cover.

Common names:

Betel Leaf, Bai cha-phloo, La pop, Piper sarmentosum, Wild Pepper, Kadok, Vegetable Pepper, Betel Pepper, Piper lolot.

Betel Leaf plants for sale:

Approx 20cm-30cm tall and looking Lush :)