Dwarf Gardenia (Gardenia radicans)

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Gardenia radicans is an attractive, small Gardenia to 30-40cm tall. Glossy, dark green leaves. Small size is excellent for pots, ground cover, low hedge or bonsai. Flowers are bright white with a beautiful fragrance.

Gardenia Radicans - Dwarf Gardenia

Gardenia radicans is a very attractive, small Gardenia. It only grows 30-40cm tall, and has nice glossy, dark green leaves. Its small size makes it excellent as a ground cover or for low hedges (plant 50cm apart). It is also excellent for bonsai purposes and looks great in a pot. Flowers are spectacularly white and omit a beautiful fragrance.

Gardenia radicans needs to be grown in full sun to part shade, in an acidic soil. It is fairly drought tolerant but looks its best with regular watering. Feed regularly with a specific Gardenia fertiliser, or Camellia & Azalea food.

Gardenia’s also thrive on coffee grounds and mushroom compost. (Coffee grounds are slightly acidic which Gardenia’s love! Also great for your Camellia’s and Azalea’s).  Peat moss can also be added to potting soil to create an acidic mix.

This dwarf Gardenia is frost tender.

Common names: Dwarf Gardenia, Ground Cover Gardenia, Rock Gardenia

Plants available :  Nicely established young plants, deep green and approx 30cm tall.