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How do we pack and send our plants?

Lush Plants Plant Nursery is committed to providing garden plants which arrive healthy and strong.  This starts with expert care in our plant nursery by growing strong plants, preparing them for their journey, and excellent packaging methods.


We guarantee your garden plants arrive safely - please see our return / replacement policy.

Lush Plants Tropical Plant Nursery packages every plant individually for transport, and every order is treated with personal care.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are plants sent?
  2. How are plants packaged?
  3. When do you send the plants?
  4. What is your order cut off time?
  5. Where do you send plants to?
  6. How much does shipping cost?
  7. How long does it take for my plants to arrive?
  8. Will they be ok for that long in a box?


1. How are plants sent?

All plants are sent via E-Parcel. E-Parcel is a very reliable and quick way of sending plants around the country. All parcels have a tracking number, and you will receive an email from Australia Post with tracking information (they will send an initial email, and you need to subscribe to your parcels’ tracking).  A signature will be required on delivery to make sure your plants arrive safely. You can authorise Australia Post to leave the plants at your home if no one is home, however, Lush Plants Tropical Plant Nursery cannot accept responsibility in that case. If you would like your plants left at your house, please leave a note for us with your order in the comments’ section.


2. How are the plants packaged?


Lush Plants packages plants with the greatest care. We collect all plants on Saturday afternoon and un-pot them.  We then soak them in seaweed solution which strengthens them for transport and helps protects them against disease and pests. It also nourishes them along the journey and gives them a boost when you plant them in your pot or garden. Each plant is prepared following its individual requirement.  Our online plants are sent bareroot without pot, wrapped in wet paper and foil to keep the moisture in. Our plants travel without pots, we can send well established plants for reasonable postage prices as there is much less weight in the parcel.  Our online plants are packaged very securely and do not move an inch!  Sometimes we cut plants back a bit before posting to help them retain moisture, reduce stress, or to create a better shape. This does not harm the plant, is merely encourages new growth. We package plants in a strong cardboard box. Then is clearly addressed and marked as fragile.


3. When do you send plants?


We send all plants on Monday or Tuesday, depending on destination.  During busy periods we post on additional days, we always consider weather conditions and plant type before deciding to post plants a little earlier.  Our cut-off time for payment of orders is Sunday at 6am.  Orders / payments received after this time will be shipped the following week.   

4. What is your order cut-off time?


We have a 6am Sunday cut off time for plant orders to give us time to prepare them properly. All orders paid for before 6am Sunday will be posted that week. All order received / paid after 6am will be sent the week after.


5. Where do you send plants to?


Lush Plants Tropical Plant Nursery sends plants to Queensland, N.S.W, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT with restrictions on certain plants.  We do not send plants to Western Australia, NT or Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions. We only send plants within Australia, and we DO NOT accept orders which are sent internationally unless delivery is to an Australian address excluding Tasmania, NT or Western Australia



6. How much does shipping cost?


Lush Plants Australia now offers flat rate postage for $15 for QLD, $18 for NSW & ACT & $19.95 for SA & Vic for up to 10 products.  An additional flat rate is added for 11-20 products etc.  If you are buying seeds only the shipping rate will be adjusted to just $3.50 postage and packing for up to 10 packets.


7. How long does it take for my plants to arrive?


All our plants, unless otherwise stated, are sent mostly Monday through until Wednesday. Our plants will arrive in 1-7 days, depending on your location. Parcels in South Queensland around Brisbane could arrive as early as Wednesday.  Sometimes we decide it is best to hold your order for another week, for example if there are public holidays holding up the postal system, or if we think the weather is not suitable. Sometimes weather conditions are severe and it’s best to hold the plants until travel conditions improve. 


8.  Are they ok in the box for that long? 


The plants actually do very well.  The seasol soak and our packaging improves their resilience. Occasionally they may look a little tired after their journey, especially in hot weather, but they will soon perk up once they are unwrapped and you prepare them a nice seasol cocktail :)

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