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Surviving the Drought. Birds, Bees & Dragons

king_parrotI can't believe it, another year nearing a close!  With Christmas Holidays just around the corner, we have not stopped planting seeds and potting up plants to add to the collection in the coming months.  

Living in a rural regional area, everyone we talk to has the same item at the top of their Christmas list - rain.  The personal experiences of family, local and the wider community of drought and bushfire really brings home the threat and huge challenges faced by so many right now.  

Some Christmas rain would be such a blessing to all!  I am so looking forward to running outside when the rain does arrive to do a little dance :).  Maybe a little like this - 

We are working to protect our gardens as best we can and the thick layer of mulch laid in Spring has been the saviour of our gardens.  Careful water management and a temporary reduction in stock is allowing our plants to continue to look lovely and lush.

Saving our Gardens, Saving our Wildlife 

With Australians extreme temperatures in summer, it is essential to prepare for the onslaught with lots of mulch.  Protecting young fruit trees with a shade cloth screen from the mid afternoon sun is another way to help them through the summer.  Water your gardens / plants in the early evening so that the water is retained longer and can soak down into the soil without the sun to evaporate it too soon.  Collect and recycle water for your garden.  Wherever you have a tap, use a container to collect "clean" water ie. used to rinse vegetables, wash hands to use in the garden, don't let it all go to waste.  

And PLEASE, put out and maintain a birdbath or two for the birds and the bees.  Heavy containers of water with shelter from direct sun and evaporation provide a drink to our native frogs and lizards and other critters who visit your garden.  Replenish often to ensure an adequate supply - avoid large containers which can stagnate and cause a mozzie problem.


Spectacular Dragon Fruit

We wanted to share with our customers the incredible spectacle that takes place at this time every year.  The mass flowering of our Pitaya or Dragon Fruit, it really is an incredible sight to behold.  The sight and smell of hundreds of flowers never ceased to amaze.  

As the fruiting season begins we have less cuttings available until mid year, but we do still have a few on our webstore if you are quick, including the amazing Aztec Gem.  The Aztec Gem dragon fruit is spectacular - producing prolific flowers and incredibly sweet purple fleshed fruit, just can't wait to sink my teeth into one again.  

This variety, as well as our "White" and "Red" varieties are self pollinating - which means you will get fruit, unlike the Queen of the Night from Grandma's garden which is grown primarily for its flowers and never produces anything.

The Red Jade variety has a spectacular Purple Flower - please put your name down on the site - they will be available as rooted plants again soon.

Although we only ship plants to QLD, NSW and ACT via our webstore, we can ship Dragonfruit cuttings to VIC and SA - but you will need to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organise this.

 Aztec GemDragon Fruit Flowers

Aztec gem Fruit                                                          Row of Dragon Fruit Varieties in Bloom

Don't forget to check the website regularly, contact us or stay in touch via facebook or add your name to the 'waitlist" for items you are after.  We recently had an issue with Yahoo mail bouncing which has now been rectified so if you are with Yahoo you may have missed an email notification - so please check in :)

From today until the 25th December we are offering our customers

10% off all orders over $80!  

Just use the coupon code "ChristmasCheer" at checkout and the discount

will be applied.

Also, if you are wanting plants before Christmas, please order before the 5pm cut off on Sunday 8th December.  Orders completed after this will be shipped in January from the 6th.

We would like to wish all our Customers a Happy and Safe (and Green) Christmas - Adriaan & Julie

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