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The Big Dry! Back with Gifts to Share

Its great to be back!  Sometimes it's good to take some time out and re-evaluate especially during a big dry!  

The drought has not broken yet and we have temporarily scaled back to save that precious commodity in regional Queensland - water!  Don't worry, we are working on adapting!  We have had to make some decisions so that we can continue to share our love of plants.  

Climate change and natural cycles make growing plants that little more challenging but when you get so much joy from that first sign of germination of a new plant it is so worth it.  Besides, the planet needs more trees and it is satisfying to be contributing in some way.  

So, you will notice a few changes.  To make our small business more manageable we are now sending plants to QLD, NSW and ACT only and will specialise in providing plants that will grow well in our climate while reducing the miles that the plants travel.   You will see our plant varieties evolving as we continue to search for new and exciting plants to grow.  We have also added some great gifts for the plant lovers in your life and plan on building our range of eco friendly products.  

We are also working on ways to reduce waste and plastic in the nursery and changes will be introduced gradually over the coming months - customers will see the changes in their plant orders.  We love to grow our own plants, they just seem to be so much better, and we have lots of lovely new seedlings that will be ready in the coming months and I think we have picked some beauties to grow.  

If you have not already liked our facebook page, please do, we love to share the botanical beauty of our planet and you can look out for new products as they become ready in the coming months.  

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