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Perennial Basil; a Beauty for Bees and a Hardy Edible Plant (Ocimum sp.)

Perennial Basil is our ultimate bee-attracting plant; it is covered with bees throughout the day, every day. The ‘buzz’ around this plant is well-warranted, it smells divine and is one of the strongest plants we grow. It has an amazing growth rate and, if pruned regularly, makes a fantastic, good-looking, and edible addition to your garden.   

Perennial Basil and attracting Bees in your garden 

The absolute main attraction of the Perennial Basil is that the bees absolutely love it. We grow a few in every one of our gardens for this very reason! A study of ‘Plants and Pollinating Bees’ lists Ocimum americanum as one of the main bee-attracting plants, receiving some of the most bee visits. For full study visit here

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