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Clivia Miniata

Clivia Miniata

Clivia Miniata, or Bush Lily, is an evergreen perennial which is very popular as a houseplant or as an outdoor grower in warm climates. Clivia have long, flashy leaves which grow in an eye catching symmetrical shape and they produce beautiful, trumpet like flowers in a host of different colours. Clivia are related to the Amaryllis plant, although Clivia grow from fleshy roots rather than a bulb.

Clivia Miniata - Growing a Bush Lily

Clivia are native to South Africa, where they grow in dense clumps in humus rich soil. They are tenacious plants, and have even been found growing in the forks of trees! Clivia have been a well known species since the 1800s, since which time they have become very popular as house plants. They are relatively hardy indoor plants and don’t need too much fussing as they are easy to grow and not very demanding.

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