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Hibiscus; Growing Hibiscus Plants


Tropical Hibiscus trees have beautiful, huge flowers. Many hybrids of Hibiscus (rosa-sinensis) have been developed, making blooms available in almost any colour imaginable. Hibiscus are tropical plants and grow well in frost free areas of Australia.

Growing Hibiscus & Hibiscus Care

Hibiscus are sun lovers, they need to be grown in full sun. They are very drought hardy once established, but may require some additional watering during dry weather periods. Hibiscus plants detest having wet feet, and you will need to ensure the soil is well draining. If your soil does not drain freely, add some sand to your soil, or add some perlite or vermiculite. This may not be as easy if you want to grow your Hibiscus plant in the ground. A solution would be to plant the Hibiscus on a mound to enable easy water draining.

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