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7 best home-made plant pots and pot hangers

Everything has slowed down to nearly a full stop over the last week, probably due to it being the middle of winter, and not being one to idle along, I've been looking for new projects.

Make your own plant pots and plant pot hangers

I've always used a lot of different things to plant plants, but I've stumbled across some great, original ideas for plant pots. My favourite would have to be the 'paper pot', which lasts just long enough for the seedling or little plant to get big enough before planting out into the garden. Once planted, the paper disintegrates and the plant suffers no root damage whatsoever!


Make your own paper pots1. Paper pots

This involves folding newspaper into pot-shape and creates a great biodegradable pot. You can get nifty pot-making kits which make the folding process a lot easier, like the one pictured on the left at Biome Eco Stores Australia. (You can click on the image to visit their page). PermacultureNews has some fantastic instructional video's on their site with 3 different methods of folding if you want to fully do it yourself.

Egg carton plant pot2. Egg cartons

(Idea from Another great seedling option. You can plant 12 seedlings into the egg carton, and when the seedling is ready you simply cut the individual cells off and plant them straight into the ground. No need to take the seedling out as the egg carton will biodegrade.

Gum Boot Plant Pot fence3. Gumboots

You wouldn't say you would have a lot of gumboots lying around, would you? However, when I checked the back of my pantry (that's our 'throw odd-shoes' spot, right down the back where they are generally forgotten), there were quite a few single gum boots, perfect for idea #3! I have also seen nice colourful boots at the secondhand store which would be perfect for this. This idea comes from Rosy-Posy's blog, and you can visit her for more information about how she hung the boots, and the drainage she used.

4. ChandelierChandelier plant pot

This is absolutely beautiful. This particular one is made by Nevastarr and sold on Etsy (click to visit the listing). Not to say you can't make this yourself - I'm definitely keeping on eye on the second hand shops & eBay. It would make such a great gift as well, plus you could paint the chandelier in any colour you like! You would have to drill some drainage holes in the bottom of the cups, and pick a hardy plant to grow in it, like our Syngonium White Butterfly (which is quite similar to the plant in the photo), or Devils Ivy.

Upcycled fabric covered terracotta pots5. Re-vamped terracotta pots

Upcycle those old terracotta pots by covering them with your favourite fabrics! This is a fantastic idea from Christine Chitnis' Blog (click to visit for more photo's and full instructions)! I have stacks of old terracotta pots, and piles of fabric scraps - those 2 obviously are a match made in heaven. All you need is a pot, some fabric, a brush and a jar of Mod Podge. (a glue, sealer and finisher in one). You can buy Mod Podge in craft shops, or buy it online at This glue is water-based and non-toxic so this would be a great project for the kids as well. My 5-year old would love this!

6. Plants in ShellsPlants in shells

The cutest idea and another one great for hand-made gifts! (Idea by RadMegan - click for her full story. Image by RadMegan.) You'll want to use plants which are tiny to fit these little shells. Unless you're a lucky person like me, who received a giant (30cm+) shell as a gift from a loving husband... Succulent cuttings would be perfect for this plant pot idea, they are small and hardy enough to thrive on very little soil and minimal drainage.  

Macrame plant pot hangers7. Good Ol' Macrame

There's a very simple, 30 minute tutorial on Brit + Co with instructions on how to make these classy, colourful Macrame plant pot hangers. (Click to go to their article). They are so versatile, not just useful for hanging plant pots; you could display just about anything in one of these! Hello macrameI've also been using the e-book version of 'Hello Macrame' which has a range of ideas for Macrame around the house; like rugs, plant hangers, necklaces and purses. You can get the e-book for $9.87 on Amazon

More DIY plant pot ideas

I can already feel another DIY plant pot article coming on, there are so many good ideas out there and I'm feeling inspired to create. Do you make your own plant pots, and if so, could you share your ideas with me?

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