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Plants for Mothers Day - A Promise

I knew I could never go wrong giving Mum plants for Mothers Day.  Her eye's would just light up, and her new baby would be carefully placed in the sunroom.    She was an avid gardener, stopping at every nursery along the way to anywhere.  As a kid, I remember many a Saturday spent running around the nursery benches, pushing my nose into the roses until I lost much longer Mum?  

At every home of my childhood, there were always gardens.  It was amazing what Mum managed to achieve in the little time she had bringing up the family, but there were always flowers.  Now many years later, I have an amazing garden of my own.  How wonderful it would have been to share it with her, and what a turn-around to have me, leading her through the plants, "you have to see this one!"  I like to think that she is enjoying it with me and perhaps even helping me to keep the plants happy and healthy, her eternal energy felt by the soil and permeating the leaves.  

So what is it about giving plants that is so special? I think when you give a plant you are offering belief in tomorrow.  Faith that this living miracle will flourish, grow strong and bring colour, shade, shelter or food for an unknown space in time.  So much is unknown, but this plant is a promise that something good will follow.

Sometimes when I am walking beneath the tall giants in a park or botanic garden, I think of the hands that may have turned the soil and planted them there.  So long ago they imagined the graceful boughs, the furrowed bark, cool shade and the autumn leaves scattered like bronze confetti.  They imagined what would be, hopeful of a future, a future where others might enjoy this tree and make memories underneath it.

Two weeks ago, I planted some Kapok tree seeds, the Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) is one the largest trees in the world.  Today, I saw their tiny leaves pushing through the soil.  How amazing to see the birth of a giant and a promise that perhaps one day it will grow to 250ft and live for hundreds of years.  A legacy.

How wonderful to share plants and promises.

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