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The Lipstick Palm (Cyrtostachys renda)

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The Lipstick palm (or Red Sealing Wax Palm) is a stunning feather palm with a brilliantly, almost unbelievably vivid red trunk & crown shaft, found in lowland coastal swamps in SE Asia.

The Lipstick Palm is a medium sized, clumping palm which grows to around 6m tall. It is one of the most spectacular and colourful tropical palms and is in high demand as garden and landscaping plant.

Tropical Palm Tree

The Lipstick Palm is a truly tropical palm tree. It is very cold sensitive, and can not be grown in the garden outside the tropics. They are very suitable as a container plant and can be grown indoors in areas outside of the tropics providing you can provide the warmth and humidity that they need, this can be tricky unless you have a heated conservatory or glass house (these are good places to have a go at growing this stunning palm).  

Ensure this palm gets plenty of warmth, but also humidity. Regular misting is required if the environment around the palm is dry.

Growing the Lipstick Palm

In the tropics the Lipstick Palm is easily grown, provided it gets lots of water and light. Soil should be rich, moist and loamy, and plants should be fed monthly with a tropical plant or palm fertilizer. Alternatively you can use a slow-release fertiliser for palms or tropical foliage plants and apply it at the recommended rate.

Although they can be challenging to grow, the Lipstick Palm is definitely worth the effort and it is a must-have for every tropical plant enthusiast or collector.


How to grow Lipstick Palm Seeds

To germinate the seed you must be able to maintain temperatures around 30C. The Lipstick Palm should not be exposed to temperatures under 15 degrees. 

These are super fresh seeds, straight off the tree. They are posted with their husks on to preserve freshness.

  1. Soak seeds for a few days to loosen the husk. Change water every day. They can be placed on a heating pad to speed up the process, but any warm spot will do. 
  2. Plant in moist peat moss, seed raising mix or other fine, well draining potting mix.
  3. Mist seeds with water daily. You can cover with a plastic bag to keep the humidity up. 
  4. Seeds take 1-2 months to germinate. 
  5. Seeds may go a bit smelly/ mouldy in the packet, this is caused by the sugars in the husk. Nothing to worry about, just rinse them in a sieve. Best to plant as soon as possible, after removing the husk. 


Common names:

Lipstick Palm, Red Sealing Wax Palm. It used to be known as Cyrtostachys lakka, which has now been included under Cyrtostachys renda.


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